IoT Water Metering Management

Water Metering Management use IoT-enabled sensors to remotely monitor water usage and identify leaks to reduce waste and lower operating costs.

What is IoT-Enabled Water Metering Management?

IoT-enabled water meter management solutions use sensors to monitor water usage and identify leaks to save water usage and reduce operating costs for utilities companies and cities.

Value Proposition

As the population of the United States rises, rates of water consumption threaten unsustainable levels. Of the 204 water basins that currently supply most of the United States with fresh water, as many as 96 could fail to meet the growing demand by 2071.

Water meter management solutions can reduce water usage, instantly alert consumer and utility companies to leaks or system damage, and increase efficiency in operating processes. A study by Sydney Water showed that the use of smart meters decreased water usage by 6 percent in residential systems, a reduction that was maintained for two years after the study period.

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How it Works

Smart water meters work by utilizing an IoT-enabled sensor that measures water usage and ambient temperature in the system, updating at regular intervals. These meters can be monitored remotely, eliminating the need for utility agents to manually take readings and sending immediate updates if signs of a leak or tampering are detected.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Water Meter Management

Prevent water waste by immediately identifying leaks and issues in metering.

Lower labor costs and eliminate the need for utility agents to manually take readings from residential water meters.

Predict consumption patterns to better prepare for increased need or reduced supply.