IoT Medical Facility Access Control

Medical facility access solutions use keyless entry to manage access to restricted areas to prevent loss of inventory and optimize security processes.

What is IoT-Enabled Medical Facility Access Control?

Medical facility access solutions use IoT-enabled keyless entry technology to control access to restricted areas, such as supply closets and labs. These solutions ensure the safety of patients and staff; prevent loss of equipment and inventory; and increase the efficiency of providing and restricting access, implementing new security protocol and response in case of emergency.

Value Proposition

Medical facilities have a security problem. Managing what members of staff have access to what secure areas, changing keys when employees leave, and ensuring that the doors between valuable inventory and equipment remain secure takes a great deal of administrative oversight and manpower, especially considering that hospital turnover in 2018 was at 19 percent.

Medical facility access control solutions enable facilities to ensure that their equipment and supplies are secure and protected while saving money on the operational processes involved in distributing and revoking access as staff comes and goes.

kontrola vstupu do zdravotníckeho zariadenia

How it works

Access control solutions utilize much of the same technology as keyless entry solutions, relying on a Bluetooth or NFC signal to alert the system to unlock the door. Because each device identifies separately in the system, access control solutions can track who’s coming and going through specific doors; remotely revoke or grant access, eliminating the need to copy or retrieve physical keys; and even dictate when an individual user has access to a specific door.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Medical Facility Access Control

Remotely manage which staff have access to specific doors.

Track entrances to particular doors to determine peak traffic times or to track employee location for accountability.