IoT Cold Chain Management

Cold chain management solutions monitor and manage temperature-sensitive packages to prevent spoilage as they move through the supply chain.

What is IoT-Enabled Cold Chain Management?

Cold chain management solutions utilize IoT-enabled sensors to monitor and manage the environment of temperature-sensitive packages to prevent spoilage and waste as they move through the supply chain.

Value Proposition

Cold chain management is costly and difficult, requiring the precise monitoring and tracking of packages – as any delay could mean expensive losses, especially in the case of temperature-sensitive medications or food. Manual solutions are not always effective, contributing to the $218 billion in food that goes straight from harvest to landfill.

Cold chains management solutions keep all stakeholders in the loop, allowing customers and fleet managers to track shipments in real-time, receive alerts to any delays, and check in on the condition of packages.

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How it Works

By utilizing precise temperature sensors, cold chain management solutions can alert drivers of potential issues with a shipment immediately, whether they’re on the road or parked for the night, allowing for a swift response before the situation becomes critical or any inventory is lost.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Cold Chain Management

Receive alerts to errors with refrigeration equipment both on and off of the road, allowing the driver to act immediately if the shipment is in danger of spoiling.

Always know exactly where your shipment is with remote tracking.