Factory Automation

Factory automation uses IoT-enabled technology to automate processes, manage and maintain equipment, ensure quality and increase employee safety.

Factory Automation

What is IoT-Enabled Factory Automation?

Factory automation is an application of Industrial IoT (IIoT) that uses IoT-enabled sensors and robotics to automate manufacturing processes, monitor equipment performance, ensure product quality, and increase on-site safety for employees.

Value Proposition

Factory automation saves manufacturing companies money by reducing the human labor required to identify process inefficiencies, ensure product quality, and ensure the adherence to safety protocols on-site. The use of advanced robotics, like those that autonomously assemble products, have shown to reduce conversion costs for factories by 15 percent

Sensors in factory equipment monitor the performance of machines, including their overall efficiency and output. If unexpected changes occur, the system can alert staff before issues cause unscheduled maintenance or emergency situations. Besides immediate issues, these monitoring systems allow managers to track the efficiency of the automated process on the whole and better manage maintenance schedules.

How it Works

Factory automation has positive effects on employees as well. Automating repetitive tasks also helps prevent employee fatigue, increasing employee satisfaction, and reducing the number of on-site accidents or injuries.

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Factory Automation

Key Benefits IoT-Enabled Factory Automation

  • Factory automation generates data that can help identify inefficiencies or bottlenecks in processes.
  • Increase product quality by eliminating opportunities for human error.
  • Optimize processes, reducing waste in inventory requirements, and reducing variability in operations.
  • Increase safety due to decreased potential for human error and reduce worker fatigue by removing employees from repetitive or fatiguing tasks