IoT-EN-Solar Energy Management

Solar Energy Management

Solar energy management solutions use IoT-enabled sensors to collect and manage data from solar farms to optimize energy collection and distribution.

What is IoT-Enabled Solar Energy Management?

Solar energy management solutions utilize IoT-enabled sensors to collect and manage data from solar farms, monitor the status of equipment, and optimize the collection and distribution of energy.

Value Proposition

According to a report by Forbes, solar PV capacity in the U.S. is expected to double by 2025 and as solar energy farms scale to meet growing worldwide energy usage, manual management will become unwieldy. According to Gartner, 30 percent of energy management systems will leverage IoT by 2020.

IoT solar energy management systems allow hundreds of individual solar panels to be monitored and managed from one central location, allowing managers to quickly respond to issues and make faster, better-informed decisions on maintenance and upkeep.

How it Works

Sensors measure the energy production of individual panels, alerting operators to issues with panels before they affect overall systems. Energy management systems can react in real-time to changing weather, adjusting the output and distribution of stored energy.

Key Benefits of Solar Energy Management

Receive immediate alerts to issues and send staff directly to the site to reduce downtime and prevent unexpected outages.

Improve efficiency in energy production and distribution with predictive analytics and real-time optimization based on environmental conditions.

Scale quickly, whether you’re adding one hundred or one thousand new devices.